Be your own Guru

So we seek enlightenment; yet we search for it from outside sources, teachers that promise healing -crystals that may emit vibrations beyond our capacity and techniques that promise relief. Meanwhile, the source of healing begins within. I found this out having sought solace in the arms of other humans, in various healing courses and in… Continue reading Be your own Guru


Grateful  “Sometimes, not always- I am a kaleidoscope – spirals of delight  Other times, I’m a mutation  of scorn -muted Sometimes, not always- I’m a brilliant carnival,  thrilling explosive adventure  Other times, a maddening  implosion of negativity  takes pleasure away  Sometimes, not always ,  Gratitude is my King- I serve it and it serves me.… Continue reading Radiate


Should I shed a tear, it shall not be for love lost  or having tripped over the cracks  along the way in this journey of mine Should I shed a tear,  it will be for injustice  for those forced  into present day slavery.  Should I shed a tear,  it’s that some choose  ignorance or to look… Continue reading Tears 

Note To Self

Note to self – I owe no apology for  Authenticity  I will be free from  My demons by  converting them to  Art  I will embrace my gifts- Versatile spurts of colorful  delight and knowing the truth of  Spirituality  I will not call mistakes  as upheaval but rather intense  Experiments  I will give my heart  to… Continue reading Note To Self


“I once was a breath of fresh air in the stale nights I once was an enigmatic force vibrant, congruent hues I once was so many things past That the present remains a mystery.  Now-now what?  I’m a whisper at  the dusk of dawn  I am now dull sensations Incongruent inconsistency that is pedaling backwards  to… Continue reading Essence